What can FPC offer you ?

We can offer complete fuel management to airlines,including fuel buying for global networks, fuel related administration ( contracts, various reporting, assistance in budget preparation, follow up of fuel availability) , hedging.
When offering such complete tasks FPC becomes the outsourced fuel management department of the airline.FPC can also render some of the required services, on tailor made basis, and so become an assisting service unit to the airline's in house fuel department.

Since the start of the company we have done various studies and have successfully conducted or accompanied specific projects in the field of on and off airport aviation fuel logistics.

Through these projects we have built up strong relationships with various reliable and trustworthy parties active in the supply chain, hence potential future projects will benefit from these tie ups.

If your airline has questions regarding fuel management in general, about specific fuel related aspect or desires to more specifically look into fuel logistics and supply we shall be very happy to listen, discuss and possibly assist you in fulfilling your needs.

Although FPC is specialized in aviation fuel management, feel free to contact us should you have questions regarding- or problems with the fuel management of your non-avaition business. It's not our policy to make non founded promises , but we might as well be able to help you.