Francis Van der Velde , Managing Director

Francis Van der Velde - FPC
Has taken the initiative to create FPC in 2002, after having spent 21 years in aviation fuel with Belgium's Sabena group as Director Petroleum Affairs and with Swissair-Sabena Group and related airlines as Vice President Fuel supply.
Tasks during this period have covered all commercial aspects of aviation fuel procurement including hedging.

Has contributed to the creation of an affiliate into plane service company of Sabena (BFSC ) in the early eighties, served on its board and also served on the board of the Brussels airport storage and hydrant company until 2002.

Within FPC, has conducted various fuel supply studies and has been architectural in the setting up of supply chains for some major airlines.

Murielle Boogaerts, Director

Murielle Boogaerts - FPC

Has joined Francis Van der Velde as a partner in the set up of FPC after 12 years of aviation fuel activity as senior buyer with Sabena and Swissair Group of airlines.

Has within FPC, further developed skills in the day to day fuel management for airline customers ranging from fuel buying for global networks, contract administration, various reporting and daily follow up on fuel related operational aspects.